The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola has announced the AP 7181 access point, a high-performance, reliable and secure 802.11n outdoor mesh wide area network (MWAN) solution.

Offering data speeds of up to 300 Mbps and featuring Motorola’s proprietary ADvanced Element Panel Technology (ADEPT) antenna system, the AP 7181 provides municipalities and enterprise customers with a flexible wireless network solution that supports their current and future data, video and voice needs.
Motorola’s AP 7181 outdoor mesh access points provide more network capacity, enable more applications and support more users than 802.11a/b/g mesh solutions, accelerating return on investment. Motorola’s innovative ADEPT antenna system enables the AP 7181 to achieve maximum performance by communicating two simultaneous data streams in the same channel and avoiding the self-shadowing of typical multi-antenna solutions.
With antennas integrated into an aesthetic enclosure, Motorola’s solution overcomes the limitations of multiple antenna sticks in a typical 802.11n access point. Network availability and reliability is further strengthened with 802.11n radios specifically designed by Motorola to maintain full power at high data rates, ensuring enhanced client connections and superior mesh throughput throughout a coverage area.
"Our customers seek solutions that can support a broad range of fixed and mobile applications, from automated meter reading to field mobility to wireless video surveillance," says Nelson Santos, president of Scientel Wireless. "802.11n mesh networks offer a compelling connectivity option with one infrastructure having enough bandwidth and capacity to support many of these applications simultaneously."
Motorola’s outdoor mesh solution offers the powerful capabilities of 802.11n technologies, while also maintaining backward compatibility and improving performance for 802.11a/b/g clients, which helps customers maximise their existing mobility investments. The AP 7181 access point offers robust mobile data connections throughout a network by leveraging Motorola’s MeshConnex routing technology to enable efficient routing, low hop latency, low routing overhead, high-speed handoffs and proven scalability.
The field-proven MeshConnex technology allows the AP 7181 to maintain a continuous video connection to or from a moving vehicle or train, enabling video surveillance in real time. Municipal and enterprise customers can also leverage these mobility features to deliver high-speed Internet access to mobile workers who need to stay connected to key office applications while in the field.