Technology has evolved so far and so fast over the past couple of years that many small businesses have lost track of all the many additional features their hardware boasts. Printers, especially, have become more complex, with functionalities ranging from document management to Web connectivity.

For small office/home office (SOHO) users and SMEs, this has led to as many headaches as it has smiles: features that are supposed to make their lives easier have often proved difficult to access and understand. According to Lindi Brand, Lexmark Product Manager at Axiz, Lexmark’s new range is easy to use and understand, regardless of a person’s understanding of technology or the complexity of their needs.
“The inkjet all-in-one (AIO) printer range uses Lexmark’s myTouch capacitive 4.3" touch screen technology to ensure ease of use,” she explains. “This provides an innovative approach to user interfaces and includes easy-to-read graphical icons for basic functions and ‘as needed’ navigation for a more user-friendly experience.”
The printers also boast the Lexmark SmartSolutions technology, an award-winning enterprise workflow solution which has been built to leverage third-party developers that can create tailored applications.
“This means that customers can have customised solutions, and because the touch screen inkjets are Web-connected, businesses can access RSS feeds on the printers – business, weather, sports news, a company intranet – or whatever else the user wants to access via RSS is available directly on the touch screen and can even be emailed directly from the printer,” says Brand.
The entire new line of products features the patented Vizix print technology that includes separate ink cartridges, fast speed and impressive quality. “This enables customers to choose a printer based on their unique business needs without compromising speed or quality at any price point,” adds Brand. “With the new Vizix system, users replace only what ink needs replacing, and across the line customers can select high-yield black cartridges to extend the life of the ink.”
While all products in the line share the same print speed, quality and wireless capability, there are a host of additional features that users can choose from, providing small business users with exactly the right mix to suit their needs. Features include wireless capability, Eco Mode to allow savings on energy and paper, and business card scan which uploads contact information to the most commonly used address book applications.
The Web-connected touch screen is available on three of the new models: Platinum, Prestige and Interact, at price points ranging from R2 299.00 to R4 499.00.  These units are available from Axiz this month.