A significant investment in new base stations, in the suburbs of Lyttleton Manor and Farramerre, has expanded the iBurst Wireless network in Gauteng.

The latest additions to the broadband provider’s wireless network will boost coverage in the cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg, respectively.
“While we do offer a range of broadband services from a a selection of network operators, we are still expanding our own iBurst Wireless network in urban areas because it is a proven technology with an impressive pedigree that is impossible to deny,” says Jannie van Zyl, CEO of iBurst.
Van Zyl adds that it is interesting to note that the placement of new iBurst Wireless base stations is primarily driven by subscriber demand. “We often receive requests for coverage in many suburbs and we’re pleased to be able to respond to consumer enthusiasm for iBurst Wireless.”
Lyttleton Manor and Farramere both meet the requirements for iBurst Wireless roll-out for essentially the same reasons. Both suburbs are far enough on the periphery of their respective cities to qualify as viable urban investment areas for a wireless broadband operator. In addition, residents tend to be young, up-and-coming and perfectly fit the profile for the ideal wireless broadband user.
The latest base station investments complement the most recent iBurst Wireless deployment in Meredale, south of Johannesburg earlier this year.
“In addition to the launch of new base stations, iBurst reached the 120 000 subscriber mark earlier this year, we witnessed the successful launch of iBurst Business in July and a plethora of brand new products and services have also been brought to market showing iBurst has achieved significant milestones in 2009,” says Van Zyl.