McAfee will be expanding the existing application protection in its McAfee Firewall Enterprise appliance product line. With this expansion, the product will give security administrators visibility, recognition and policy enforcement of over thousands of applications that are invisible to conventional firewall technology.

Today's Web 2.0 applications leave organisations exposed to a whole host of risks, as well as policy and compliance issues related to application detection and control. With the enhancements, McAfee's Firewall Enterprise offering will be able to identify and control a broad range of Web applications.
Additionally, application intelligence from McAfee Labs will provide administrators with a unique understanding of the risk associated with those applications.
Combined with application identification and planned for Spring 2010 availability, the user awareness capabilities of the McAfee Firewall Enterprise solution will provide network protection that can be easily mapped to corporate security policies. Based on its pioneering user-based activity monitoring and visualisation technology, McAfee is able to tightly correlate the user and application information offering a level of clarity not possible with other network security products.
"Adding these new capabilities, backed by the researchers at McAfee Avert Labs, sets us apart from the competition," says Jayson O’Reilly, regional manager for Africa at McAfee. "McAfee Firewall Enterprise already provides comprehensive application threat and malware blocking, as well as URL filtering and TrustedSource reputation-based blocking capabilities. Now, we're raising the bar to give customers an unprecedented level of application protection."
McAfee continues to work closely with customers in various stages of development as part of the Joint Development and Beta program, ensuring that McAfee's product reflects customer needs. The beta program ensures that all phases of product development keep the focus on customer requirements by assessing continuous feedback and requesting involvement from customers.
"McAfee is delivering new innovations for network security technologies at a rapid rate and our engagement with end-users as key contributors in the development and validation cycle ensures that we are solving the most important customer problems," says O’Reilly. "The evolving threat landscape is real, and customers want a real solution. McAfee's Joint Development and Beta program is an industry best practice that improves customer satisfaction and value."