Axiz has taken its focus on quality to a new level with ISO 9001:2008 certification in its PC assembly plant.

While the company’s assembly plant was previously ISO certified, the introduction of new policies and processes linked to new back-office systems required a new approach.
According to Dave Nolan, manager: manufacturing at Axiz, ISO offers an organisation the grounding and direction to maximise a customer-focused quality management system.
“The certification ensures improved quality of product, greater customer satisfaction, and an opportunity within those sectors of the SADC market that justifiably dictate ISO certification,” he says.
In order to obtain the certification, Axiz had to ensure compliance with the defined standard as well as the reaffirmation of the ISO principle and philosophy within the operation. Compliance included the introduction of revised standard policies and the documentation of all process and work instruction, as well as improved record control.
“The most difficult challenge was to interpret the standard and align our operational needs with our drive for simplicity, thereby ensuring ease of adoption” says Nolan. “There has always been a customer focus within Axiz, but ISO has given the PC assembly plant a renewed vision in this regard.”
While the certification covers only this specific portion of the manufacturing department, Axiz will be expanding ISO certification throughout the organisation in a controlled manner.
In addition to ISO 9000, which targets quality, the company will also seek ISO 14000, which covers environment management and ISO 18000, Occupational Health and Safety, throughout its Midrand operation.