New Jersey-based mobile content and applications provider Cole Solutions began operating in the local market today, delivering 2010 content to mobile users.

"Much attention has been given to 2010 broadcasting concerns," says Ayodale Cole, founder and CEO of Cole Solutions. "We'd like to make sure that the Soccer World Cup is as much of a success on the small screen as on the big screen. Key to that success will be the ability to deliver the kind of mobile content that perfectly complements and enhances the overall appeal of the tournament."
Operating under its brand, Cole Solutions has committed itself to responsible mobile practices in the South African market and recently became an affiliate member of the Wireless Application Service Provider Association of SA (WASPA). WASPA regulates the local mobile content and applications market and invests considerable resources to ensure the responsible marketing of mobile services.
Cole Solutions' vote of confidence in the South African mobile market will also have a positive knock-on effect locally as the company is using a domestic aggregator to ensure mobile subscribers across all cellular networks are able to access content.
In addition, Cole Solutions has retained the services of a South African mobile marketing consultancy to assist in the acquisition of new mobile subscribers through WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) advertising.
That South Africa is seen as a springboard to the African continent is clear from Cole Solutions' plans to manage its current and future African operations in Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Benin from Johannesburg where they will be under the supervision of an MD for African Affairs.
"Geographically, the country might be located at the southern end of the continent, but economically, South Africa lies right at the heart of Africa. That is especially true when it comes to the uptake of mobile content and services," says Cole.
Aside from FIFA Soccer World Cup content, Cole Solutions also has mobile rights to play-by-play football content from the English Premier League, Spanish Premier League, Italian Premier League and the French Premier League.
"We're aware that the English Premier League has many fans in South Africa but it's time now to broaden the focus and start delivering mobile content from other first division leagues around the world," says Cole.
Cole Solutions will soon launch a mobile service that is essentially the SMS version of social networking. "There are many overseas mobile firms operating in the South African market," says Cole. "However, practically all of them only provide content and very little else that could be said to be of real value to local mobile users. We feel that mobile content and mobile applications are two sides of the same coin and you can't develop a country's mobile sector without paying attention to both.
"Cole Solutions will play in the content space, for sure, but we also have a serious focus on adding value to the lives of mobile users by developing useful applications that make owning a cellphone even more desirable."