Fintech, South Africa's largest independent financial provider offering financing for technology used in business, recently made a strategic decision to implement Oracle's eBusiness Suite including financials and the lease management modules , in order to streamline processes and improve efficiencies.

RDB will be providing technical assistance on the new implementation, working in conjunction with Oracle and the implementation parter,who will provide additional highly specialised skills necessary to implement the functional component of the software suite.
"Originally we only had a single internal Database Administrator, which left us with a high risk profile from a support perspective," says Graeme Ortlieb, head of IT at Fintech. "The new implementation as well as outsourcing our database management to RDB means that we have a full support function in place, and can mitigate this risk through access to RDB's team of highly specialised resources."
The companywide implementation will provide Fintech with a number of benefits, including a unified view of data across the organisation, a centralised point of control for data, improved efficiency in terms of access to data, better data quality as well as mitigation of risk. By outsourcing this function to RDB, Fintech will also gain access to a wide variety of highly specialised skills and expertise.
"RDB was originally recommended by Oracle themselves to assist with our database requirements," Ortlieb continues. "It was a natural progression for us to outsource our database management to them, given their specialists skills. We have been happy with the high levels of service provided to Fintech by RDB, they have always delivered according to our expectations, and the quality of their work has ensured that we maintain a good working relationship with them."
Apart from the implementation of a highly specialised module into a Greenfield site, RDB will also be creating the testing environment for the software suite to ensure that once the system goes live it will run smoothly.
Concludes Jaroslav Cerny, CEO at RDB Consulting: "This implementation is an indication of the value of our skills and expertise and is a good example of our major growth strategy of delivering more value to our existing clients. Having begun our work at Fintech on the database management side, we have now won the tender to provide technical assistance on the eBusiness Suite implementation."