As the global economy continues to force organisations to cut costs and create better efficiencies in production, Intdev Internet Technologies offers a solution that enhances company resources without breaking the bank.

"Cloud computing is the answer for those who need computing power without having to spend on hardware and technical input," says Felix Frankenberger, marketing director of Intdev. "Your machine continues to work like a normal desktop computer, only it's using the huge processing power, storage and memory of the 'cloud'."
Cloud computing is defined as computing in which scalable, virtual resources are provided as a service over the Internet. "Users need not have expertise in or control of the technology," says Frankenberger. "Intdev supplies all the technical know-how and support, and is also the first company in South Africa to offer virtual hosting."
Ideal for the advertising, film, mining and engineering industries where massive files need to be sent to clients or accessed by colleagues, Intdev says this is one technology option that does not cost anywhere near its real value.
"Resources in the cloud are billed according to usage. A single virtual machine, for example, is billed by the hour and users are able to stop and start a virtual machine at the click of a button."
Storage space and Internet traffic is charged by the gigabyte. Compared to spending hundreds of thousands of rands on servers and IT salaries, the Intdev offer brings to market a real option for those who need the resources on an ad-hoc basis, as well as those who don't want the headache of ongoing maintenance.
Frankenberger says: "There's never been a more important time to take advantage of technology that puts you ahead of your competitors. In the past, resources of this magnitude were the domain of huge blue chip companies with lots of money. What we're offering is 'blue chip' facilities at SME prices."
A number of iconic Internet brands have launched cloud offerings, which are billed in US dollars. Intdev's billing model works the same way, but in South African rands, keeping the cloud affordable for local users.
"It's the path of least hassle," says Frankenberger. "Intdev facilitates the cloud process, sets up your systems and bills you according to your requirements and use. We essentially become your IT department, and maintain your functionality as part of the deal."
In an economic climate that requires careful financial planning and spending, virtual hosting appears to be a bright spot on the horizon for companies of any size. Strong interest from locals SMEs proves that it's really about keeping your financial feet on the ground and your intellectual capital "in the clouds".