The Parlotones – multiple award-winners and South Africa's biggest name in music – has partnered with Rectron in launching a Parlotones-branded Gigabyte notebook.

As a major local player in the information and communication technology (ICT) and consumer electronics markets, Rectron is sole local distributor for Gigabyte, a global leader in the manufacture of motherboards, notebook and desktop PCs, digital home appliances, networking servers, communications, mobile and handheld devices.
 “The Parlotones are very excited to work with Gigabyte as not only is the relationship innovative, but both brands are on a similar path to prominent global positioning,” says Raphael Domalik, Parlotones manager.
Yolandi Venter, Rectron marketing manager, adds that Rectron is currently working with Gigabyte to design and manufacture a tailor-made Parlotones notebook featuring custom screen savers and desktop wallpapers.
“Everything is being custom-designed – from the packaging and notebook skin to the notebook sleeve itself,” she says. “We’re looking at making the Parlotones-branded Gigabyte netbook widely available in retail stores across South Africa, including music stores.
"There are quite a few very exciting things happening in concert with their new tour coming up in October/November, and you’ll see quite a bit of Gigabyte branding and promotion revolving around the tour.”
Domalik describes the Parlotones as the most important music brand in South Africa.
“It is a brand that has been established on the highest levels of delivery – not only in their live performances, but also in their recordings and their interaction with their fans,” he says.
“The Parlotones endorsing another brand immediately transcend their position in the market to such a brand. The Parlotones will involve Gigabyte in future tours and projects, which will emphasise their relationship and commitment to the brand.”
Gigabyte is also being featured in the Parlotones’ latest video, which Domalik predicts will receive global airtime in the millions.
“We are not only confident the video will receive global exposure but will win many awards as our videos always do,” he says.
Venter adds that Rectron has long admired the Parlotones' music, style and dynamism, all of which have made the group successful.
“We had the Parlotones for our year-end function last year and everyone in our company enjoyed their music,” she says. “We then realised that this would be a good opportunity to partner with a great band like the Parlotones. They’re clearly committed to out‑of-the-box thinking, and doing things differently – which is very similar to our style at Rectron. We don’t like imitating or doing things like everyone else.”
She also emphasises that the partnership with the Parlotones is not a short-term project, but will be ongoing.
The Parlotones have been voted the best local band in South Africa, but also have a much broader reach than most other local bands.
“They clearly have international appeal and will take South African music to new heights internationally,” Venter days. “They delivered more than 280 shows in 2008 across South Africa, the UK and Europe with performances that have included Live Earth, Coke Fest, SXSW, Midem, Africa Day, IPL Global Broadcast and the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.”
The Parlotones’ latest album is already platinum in South Africa and is due for release in UK/Europe and the US at the end of 2009.
Rectron has based the new Parlotones-branded notebook on Gigabyte’s M1305, which Venter says "is perfect for mobility empowerment”.
The M1305 features an Intel Core 2 Duo ULV U4100, a 13,3-inch LCD Panel/WXGA  monitor, Windows 7 compliance, 2Gb of memory and a  320Gb hard disk drive.