The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the organisation driving development of Bluetooth wireless technology and bringing it to market, has launched a global microfinance charity initiative called Sharing4Caring that will help small entrepreneurs gain access to low-cost financing.

Actively contributing to connecting people by lending seed money to small, third-world entrepreneurs will help to give a voice and a face to the world’s poorest, and a practical, viable pathway to improve their existence.
The Bluetooth SIG is hoping to attract large numbers of people worldwide to lend a hand to such entrepreneurs by pledging SIG funds via its web site to raise the microfinancing for this initiative. The group has appointed person-to-entrepreneur microlending specialist Kiva as its partner.
Starting today, visitors to can help people all over the world start achieving economic independence.
Each time a visitor pushes the ‘Help Us to Share’ button, $1.00will be added to the Sharing4Caring counter. A Facebook notification that confirms participation in the Sharing4Caring project will be posted automatically in the participant’s mini-feed after clicking the “Connect with Facebook” button. Participants can then help spread the word about their good deed through Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.