Local Internet service provider RSAWEeb has announced that, effective immediately, consumers of its broadband offerings will receive price cuts of up to 60% on some packages. These include the company’s Super, Premium and Ultra DSL packages.

This price cut will offer customers bandwidth pricing from as low as R49.00 per gigabyte.
Rob Gilmour, MD of RSAWeb, comments: “Our message differs in that going forward, we will only offer price cuts that are sustainable. This means that we continue to provide consistent, reliable access to our customers.
“In addition, RSAWEB’s hosting and data centre products, which all rely heavily on bandwidth usage, will also become more accessible to customers. The move also means that we will be well placed to offer faster access to online spaces to new customers for less, in a consistent and sustainable manner," he adds.
“These price cuts will enable us to drive the market forward by making broadband more affordable and accessible than before. With this initiative, we are actively playing a role in making the dream of a comprehensively connected nation a reality.”