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Progress Software has announced the Progress Apama 4.2 Event Processing Platform. The new release extends the capabilities of the previously announced Apama Parallel Correlator, and introduces significant new developer productivity features that accelerate the deployment of event processing applications.

The Apama Parallel Correlator leverages multi-core, multi-processor hardware to deliver high-throughput, low-latency execution that has achieved seven-fold performance improvements, as benchmarked with real-world customer applications.
In Apama 4.2, this high performance is made available without the low-level scheduling complexities that often complicate the building of multi-threaded applications. This means business users can increase their productivity with the click of a single button within the Apama Event Modeler, which allows non-technical users to more easily deliver multi-core power to their Apama applications.
In addition, Apama 4.2 extends the Apama Studio development environment with enhanced debugging and application tuning services, and increases support for Java.
Developers can now create Java-based applications within the same environment that is available to the Apama native event processing language (EPL). Composite applications can combine Java and the Apama EPL, reflecting a common development model for many customers.
Apama 4.2 introduces new direct connectivity to both relational and event/tick databases via the Apama Database Connector (ADBC) and its supporting application, the Apama Data Player. Customers now have a wide range of data stores, including standard SQL databases and industry-specific products such as Vhayu Velocity and KX Corporation, available for the capture and replay of event streams.
Progress Apama 4.2 includes:
* The Smart Scheduler – Allows developers and business users to take better advantage of the multi-core architectures of the Apama Parallel Correlator through intelligent automated parallelisation of event processing without encumbering the development process with low-level concerns about operating system threads.
* An improved Apama language Debugger and Profiler – The graphical debugger offers enhanced diagnostic support capabilities specifically designed for event processing applications. The new Profiler provides better access to execution performance data on both local and remote systems to support the tuning of applications to improve throughput and reduce latency.
* A Dashboard Wizard – Enables users to leverage previously developed scenarios and build new ones quickly and easily with a few simple clicks.
* Enhanced Java support – Java developers can now develop all the business logic of their CEP applications in a familiar environment, while also having the flexibility to combine Java and Apama’s specialised event processing language for highly flexible applications that execute on the Apama platform.
* Data Player and the Apama Database Connector – Provides direct access to both specialised event databases (e.g. Vhayu Velocity, KX Corporation’s kdb+) and relational databases. Apama customers now have a greatly expanded range of databases for event storage and replay for the testing of new applications and analysis of those in production.