Interprise has introduced a 4Mb shaped ADSL net access service that puts no cap on data downloads, but keeps costs down.

The new service allows cost-conscious customers to utilise data service line (DSL) capacity without worrying about overruns on the monthly bandwidth budget.
"Business – especially SMEs – demand both cost efficiency and budgetary certainty in today’s recessionary environment," says Interprise director Leon Gerber.
"Our shaped, no-limit ADSL offering is ideally packaged for this environment. The monthly fee gives unlimited download capacity. No more worries about penalties for exceeding your cap or having to pay for top-ups."
Shaped refers to the tight focus on the prioritised network protocols HTTP, FTP, HTTPS, FTP, TELNET, SSH, POP3, SMTP and IMAP. These voice and data protocols are the most popular among business users as they enable fast, reliable service – primarily net access and e-mail – without creating a platform for music downloads and other retail-user distractions that can add to costs while compromising productivity.
A fixed monthly fee of R2 995.00 is levied.
The new Interprise package includes a pre-configured router that works off any ADSL-ready line. All set-up fees have been waived for the introductory month of November.
Interprise is believed to be among the first internet service providers to target a 4Mb uncapped service at the small business market. Capped services were previously the norm at download speeds of 4Mb.
The service includes public IP addresses that enable clients to set up their own email servers. Interprise says the package is also in demand from SMEs that run several branch operations as voice-over IP solutions and virtual private networks can be created around the core offering.
Leon Gerber points out: "The new product adds considerable value to the ADSL platform in terms of quality and download speeds. But the non-technical feature of most importance is added peace of mind.
"Many small businesses find themselves paying for bandwidth on a per-gig basis as they repeatedly exceed their data cap. A fixed fee for uncapped convenience gives budgetary certainty and can work out significantly cheaper.
"Now that the launch is under way, the top FAQ from clients is ‘how soon can you set me up’? It’s a next-day proposition at the moment as long as the business is not too far from the major centres."