Nokia Siemens Networks is conducting end-to-end LTE interoperability testing with four leading device vendors across several frequency bands required in different regions, including AWS, 700 MHz and 2100 MHz.

The tests cover several steps in end-to-end network configuration based on commercial LTE hardware, including the Flexi Multiradio Base Station and the Evolved Packet Core, and standard compliant software.
The availability of commercial LTE terminals from multiple vendors and proven interoperability with networks providers is a prerequisite for any operator to launch commercial LTE services.
Nokia Siemens Networks recently completed successful calls with end to end LTE network infrastructure and LTE terminals. This marks yet another important milestone for the company towards commercialisation of LTE.
The tests show the interoperability of the Nokia Siemens Networks LTE radio and Flexi NS and Flexi NG evolved packet core network elements with real LTE terminals, and end to end compliancy with the LTE standard (3GPP March 09 baseline specifications).
“Nokia Siemens Networks is playing an important role in the LTE ecosystem by enabling leading device vendors to conduct early LTE interoperability testing,” says Marc Rouanne, head of radio access at Nokia Siemens Networks. “Our focus is on commercial LTE hardware and software to support early commercial LTE deployments worldwide. Our recent successes demonstrate our focus on LTE development and the needs of our North American customers.”
The end-to-end calls were conducted in Nokia Siemens Networks LTE center of competence in Dallas in close cooperation with research and development sites in Ulm and Oulu. Nokia Siemens Networks also recently announced having conducted the world’s first LTE call and handover using commercial base station and fully standard compliant software.
The first deployments for LTE services are foreseen for the end of 2009 with volume rollouts of commercial networks in early 2010. Nokia Siemens Networks is committed to driving the commercial uptake starting 2010 with an end-to-end solution that provides a future-proof, easy and cost efficient path to LTE via a software upgrade only.
Already, Nokia Siemens Networks has shipped LTE compatible Flexi Base Station hardware to over 100 operators, and deployed Direct Tunnel functionality, a precursor to Evolved Packet Core, in over 65 networks.