Neotel has announced the graduation of 24 students from its Academy, launched in 2007 to address a continued skills shortage in the telecommunications industry and to bridge the gap between what the industry is delivering and what is truly needed in terms of skills development.

The academy, in conjunction with National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (NEMISA), was designed to develop a pool of expertise in the ICT sector in response to the current skills shortage and competency gaps of the growing telecommunications market in South Africa. It is run in close collaboration with and is accredited by ISETT Seta.
It was launched in 2007 with 10 students as part of a pilot programme. The full academy was launched in March 2008 with 27 students enrolled. Entry requirements to the academy are Grade 12 Certificate and N6 from technical college in Electrical Engineering.
According to Ajay Pandey, MD and CEO of Neotel, the National Electronic Media Institute of South Africa (NEMISA) and Neotel worked closely in aligning the course to ensure the qualification is equivalent to NQF5 as there is currently no telecommunications qualification at that level.
“The course is designed to prepare graduates to be effective from the day they enter the work place,” he says. “We are planning on increasing the level of collaboration with Further Education and Training Colleges (FETs) to allow them to eventually offer the course nationally.
"This project is much broader than the scope of our licence obligations to increase the impact we have on society.”
The Academy is aimed at establishing and maintaining a centre of excellence for the development and advancement of telecommunications skills in South Africa.