Vodacom Business is aiming to give small- and medium-sized customers (SMMEs) access to services only big business could previously afford with the launch of its X-Press bundled solutions.

The company says the new offerings will cater for the unique communications needs of SMMEs in a single, cost-effective service and will provide them with greater mobility, increased productivity, reduced technology infrastructure start-up costs and savings on hardware and software maintenance.
“Vodacom Business has adapted its solutions to provide everything an SMME needs to connect and operate their business either from a small or home office, or for a business that requires greater mobility – packaged in convenient bundled options,” says Wally Beelders, Chief Officer, Vodacom Business Africa.
The X-Press packages include the following solutions: Fixed, wireless or mobile connectivity through ADSL, WiMAX or 3G, voice calling plans over internet protocol (VoIP), e-mail solutions, website-hosting facilities and WiFi hotspot facilities at any of the 750 WirelessG hotspots nationwide.
SMME customers can also add data contracts and 3G-enabled laptops, business smartphones, as well as Mobilisation Applications for Corporates to their bundled X-Press package, as well as having the option to top up their bandwidth and purchase additional e-mail accounts when necessary.
As one of the only providers of a total ICT solution in a single bundled option, the company says it enables its SMME customers to enjoy a single point of contact on one bill – eliminating the need for customers to rely on various service providers for different aspects of customer service and incur possible service disruption ownership. Beelders says that Vodacom Business recognises that, historically, the needs of SMME customers have been overlooked by the telecommunications industry.
“We are now providing these customers with access to services which have traditionally been limited to big businesses with big IT spend," he says. "Our suite of ICT services is tailor-made to fit each business’ needs, no matter how big or small they may be.”