Symantec has announced Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10, its open data loss prevention (DLP) platform, giving customers more options to find and fix data loss problems. As organisations strive to center their security strategies around information, DLP becomes essential.

To help customers better protect sensitive data, Symantec’s open DLP platform will help organisations effectively leverage content-awareness across security deployments enterprise-wide and take actions that secure data and prevent its loss.  Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10 will allow companies to apply encryption and enterprise rights management (ERM) based on content and will integrate with additional Symantec solutions.
The new FlexResponse feature of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10 will help security teams apply policy-based protection to files containing confidential data, including encryption or ERM.  Until now, integration of DLP with other IT solutions has required manual processes.
By partnering with leading third-party providers, including GigaTrust, Liquid Machines, Oracle and PGP Corporation, Symantec will offer customers the broadest range of integrated remediation options.
For example, a company that is restricting access to a merger agreement to a small group of people will easily be able to instruct their DLP policy to classify data and use Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services (ADRMS)  to apply ERM to copies of this content providing granular protection.
New support for XML and Web Services will enable Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10 to send  rich DLP data to any application or reporting system, including enterprise security dashboards and compliance solutions, such as Symantec Control Compliance Suite.
For example, an e-commerce site might begin by using DLP to identify servers with data that falls under PCI DSS regulations. By sending this information to Symantec’s Control Compliance Suite, the DLP incident data  can be used to prioritise these servers for more frequent auditing to provide additional scrutiny to places where valuable data is housed.
New import/export capabilities will allow organisations to keep policies current with new regulations as well as collaborate and exchange policies to share best practices with other users.
New integration with Symantec Workflow will enable users of Symantec Data Loss Prevention 10 to trigger policy-based actions such as automatic encryption and endpoint lock-down by Symantec Endpoint Encryption, Symantec Endpoint Protection, and other security solutions from Symantec as well as  third-party providers.
For example, if an employee is trying to download confidential information to a USB drive, Symantec Data Loss Prevention can trigger Symantec Endpoint Protection to disable USB usage through a simple workflow.
Users of software-as-a-service (SaaS) email security solutions, such as MessageLabs Hosted Email Encryption (a Symantec Hosted Service), will be able to monitor, protect and securely deliver confidential information in outbound email without requiring on-site email gateway infrastructure.
Symantec Data Loss Prevention Services enable customers to achieve measureable success from DLP deployments and gain the knowledge and experience needed to continually optimize the solution over time. By combining industry-leading advisory consulting services and data loss prevention technologies, Symantec provides customers with a detailed analysis of their exposure to internal and external data breaches, and a quantitative assessment of actual data loss across networks, web applications storage and endpoints.