MTN Business has announced the launch of it’s Managed IP PBX solution which it says is an important foundation for true convergence.

The MTN Managed IP PBX solution is a hosted solution using a advanced combination of technologies to deliver innovative telephony services to businesses and is one of the important steps for its customers to achieve the journey towards convergence.
According to Angela Gahagan, executive at MTN Business: “There are drivers that are leading to the integration of IP and GSM services; such as an increase in mobility of employees, the trend for employees to be always available, increased work pressures requiring instant decisions and more efficient collaboration to make informed decisions. As a company with interests in both IP and GSM, MTN is at the forefront of innovation in this regard.”
However, Gahagan believes that convergence is fast being viewed as another industry buzzword, bandied around extensively and loosing momentum within corporate viewpoints due to unrealistic market expectations – sadly set by the very industry trying to deliver the innovation.
She says: “While MTN Business is in a unique position locally to actually drive true converged technologies shortly – we are set on driving a realistic convergence roadmap to the market – being transparent and deliberate in, what we term, ‘the phased approach’.”  
Being a hosted solution the Managed IP PBX reduces capital expenditure, maintenance costs and total network cost, while increasing access to converged applications – making geographically dispersed office locations irrelevant.
Features to MTN Managed IP PBX include: realtime management which gives businesses the ability to easily manage users, and manage services via a user-friendly online portal. There is no requirement to contract costly technicians to make PBX changes, and no need to buy additional equipment due to business expansion.
Businesses can also keep both existing telephone numbers as well as have the option of using a number in the 087 number ranges.
Gahagan adds: “In the near future, when our IP and GSM services integrate, customers will enjoy the benefits of a single contact number for employees, as well as a single voicemail box, as opposed to the plethora of numbers and message sources that business are forced to deal with today.”