Schneider Electric has launched Wiser Home Control, an integrated home control solution that interlinks the electrical, multimedia and telecommunications worlds, to one user-friendly solution. It enables users to set programs to adapt to preferred living patterns for a better quality of life; and control home equipment from anywhere and at anytime via 3G mobile phones or web-enabled devices.

In normal homes, the television, audio-visual system, computer, lights, curtains and mobile phones may be user friendly on their own, but each device works independently with its own control devices. This means a myriad number of controls and switches that add complexity to the life of the users.
In conventional "smart" homes, lighting, security, home theatre, home appliances, computers and climate control may be integrated but the system is always biased towards the device that it is based on.
"Wiser" homes are one step ahead of "smart" homes. Wiser Home Control seamlessly connects and controls the many and different devices and technologies so that users are able to access and control the devices anytime and anywhere via preset shortcuts or direct control.  In short, Wiser Home Control enables users to enjoy connectivity, comfort, convenience, entertainment and peace of mind 24/7.
The same sophisticated, consistent and intuitive user interface is installed across different control devices such as 3G mobile phones and web-enabled devices.
A user can use the mobile phone or computer to monitor if all is well at home when he or she is away and reset security systems if there are false alarms. Changes or adjustments can be easily made to the program over the Internet, thereby reducing the need and cost for technician intervention, and time spent waiting for a technician to arrive on site.
Wiser Home Control puts the control in the hands of the user for enhanced stylish living.
Imagine being outdoors at the barbeque pit and the user suddenly decides that he wants to listen to some music. Using the mobile phone, he could simply turn on the multi-room audio system without having to go indoors. Or if the user is sitting down to watch a movie, and decides that it is too cold, he could use the same remote control and via the Microsoft Media Center menu on the TV, adjust the temperature.
Besides controlling, Wiser Home Control can make things happen automatically according to the user’s lifestyle and routine. The user can be awaken gently on week days to bed lamps and music that come on gradually, followed by curtains opening, and an alarm system that will deactivate night mode. When the user leaves for work, he presses the "goodbye" button and lights will turn off, blinds close, music fade and air  conditioners power down. And when the user realizes that he has forgotten to turn off the lights or air-con, he just turns to the "out-of-home control' feature of Wiser.
If the user is away for vacation, Wiser Home Control can be programmed in a "vacation" mode whereby everything is shut off except the security system, and a pre-programmed pattern of nighttime lighting as if someone is at home. If the alarm does activate, Wiser Home Control turns on the lights to deter any would-be intruders and automatically sends the owner a priority email alert.
With Wiser Home Control, users can plan wisely to achieve an eco-friendly and energy efficient way of life, without compromising on style. Being eco-friendly is not just about saving energy, but optimizing the use of energy by living ’wisely’. It is a whole new way of approaching environmental awareness and sustainability. For example:
* Optimised pre-sets can be automated for sustainable energy saving.
* Monitoring energy consumption alerts the user about energy use and conservation.
* Consistent and intuitive user interface across different control devices encourages a persistent and consistent effort to maintain energy saving behaviour.
* Scalable solution to match different design needs and eco-friendly practices.