match2blue, an enterprise platform enabler for mobile solutions, has chosen the Progress Apama Business Event Processing (BEP) platform to empower its social networking platform with realtime information on location, ideas, news and trends.

The Progress Apama BEP platform will form a crucial part of match2blue’s back-end infrastructure, providing the performance and scalability it needs, as well as enabling its business partners, who will be operating the location-based services to control and monitor their operations through dashboards.
One example of an application is match2blues’s enterprise-grade social solution that mobilises members of frequent flyer programmes globally. Members will be able to connect, exchange ideas, share taxis and engage in realtime via a new mobile application.
In another example, New York clubbers can use match2blue’s Webster Hall application for finding and meeting like-minded people. Clubs and communities can also push information on scale to the New York party scene via the iPhone application to ensure that new venues or events are filled to capacity.
Stephanie Renda, MD at match2blue, says “Realtime information is the lifeblood of the community and opens up a number of lucrative opportunities for our brands and multi-national clients. Our distinctive technology is based on a matching engine, which can identify offers, information and interests to communities. Now we have added scale to real-time exchange.
“This means that our reach has increased and we can target the masses with our instant profiling and people matcher technology. Event-based realtime messaging will change the way in which we digest information and create a healthy new environment for brands to connect and engage with clients and consumers.”
Kenny Schachter at Webster Hall adds: “match2blue allows us to offer something really unique for our customers. Our new iPhone application instantly notifies club goers when someone with similar interests is in close proximity and will reinvent their nightlife experiences by allowing them to take their socialising inside the walls of Webster Hall. Users can connect with like-minded people, and even invite them for a drink.”
Dr Giles Nelson, senior director of strategy at Progress Software, comments: “The use of Apama Complex Event Processing to provide realtime information to social networking communities, wherever they may be, is another innovative and exciting use of our technology. This really is taking social networking to the next level and the Apama product offers the scale and performance for match2blue to react to millions of subscribers’ movements in realtime, so transforming their customer offering.”
The Apama platform is used by companies like 3 Italia (the Italian 3G service provider) for realtime visibility into service and billing processes, Royal Dirkzwager (a Dutch Maritime Information and Service provider), for monitoring and analysis of real-time shipping information, and Boekhandels Groep Nederland – BGN – who introduced the world’s first item-level RFID implementation).