For the past five years, Regent Insurance has consulted SYNAQ to ensure its core business systems’ databases are accessible at all times.

As one of South Africa’s prominent short-term insurance and life assurance companies, the integrity of its databases is absolutely critical to Regent’s daily operations and IT governance.
According to Craig Grasko, executive GM: IT at Regent Insurance, the company opted for a Linux platform from which to run its Oracle databases because of the operating system’s proven stability and robustness.
“When we needed a company with the experience and expertise to monitor and manage this environment, we turned to SYNAQ.  Although SYNAQ was a start-up company at the time, I had confidence in the calibre of its people and their skills in the Linux environment. I have never had a reason to regret my decision – SYNAQ has more than fulfilled our expectations over the years,” he says.
“In addition to handling the installation of any new software, SYNAQ monitors the Regent environment around the clock and immediately responds to any alerts.
“However, it’s what happens behind the scenes that is so crucial to us.  It’s not unusual for SYNAQ to resolve issues even before they become a real problem. We’ve never really had any major problems and where there have been a few incidents, SYNAQ has gone above and beyond the call of duty to resolve them.”