Ex-radio presenter and a specialist in radio broadcasting, Adrian Davids from Eersteriver in the Western Cape, has become the first blind student to obtain the Core ICDL qualification.  The ICDL is internationally recognised as the global standard in end-user computer skills and is becoming the defacto standard for many education institutions.

Davids, who already is already qualified in audio engineering, radio broadcasting and song writing, chose to embark on the ICDL programme when he heard the Cape Town Society for the Blind (CTSB) was offering various courses, one of which one was the ICDL.  He completed all seven modules of the ICDL within a 10-week period.
“I wanted to enhance my skills in the ICT field especially in applications such as word processing and spreadsheets and I knew, with the ICDL qualification, I would be able to perform more sufficiently in a working environment.  In addition I believe the ICDL qualification will assist me in finding employment in the fields of data capturing and administration,” he says.
Currently a volunteer for the CTSB where he already assists with many of the society’s administrative functions, Adrian also helps fellow learners who are studying for their ICDL qualification.  
“The new skills I have learnt through ICDL have helped me to understand the applications one works with on a daily basis.  In addition I am now able to complete work as efficiently as an able bodied person and my desire is to complete the ICDL Advanced Course and continue studying in the IT and business fields,” he says.