ContinuitySA has launched the Continuity2010 Web portal to assist businesses in preparing for the 2010 soccer World Cup. The subscription-based site highlights the business risks organisations may face in the run up to and during the event, helping them prepare for incidents or disruptions that could prevent normal business operations.

“The impact the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup will have on business is a concern to many corporate managers around the country,” says Louise Theunissen, GM of consulting services at ContinuitySA. “The games and associated organisation behind it are so vast and complex; it is not possible to say what the operational and financial impact will be on local companies.”
Some of the potential areas of risk companies may face include:
* Access control: The prime concern for organisations in close proximity to stadiums, fan parks, public viewing areas and base camps will be access, or lack of it;
* Transport mayhem: When considering the transport requirement of tens or hundreds of thousands of people, combined with the state of our transport systems, we can expect tremendous pressure on all routes;
* Staff shortages and Productivity: Will staff be able to get to work? Will they want to get to work? And if they are at work, what percentage of the time will they be spending focused on their jobs?
* Outages: All 2010 stadiums will have built-in back-up generators, in line with FIFA's requirements. Yet, keeping in mind that the World Cup takes place over winter, one cannot exclude the possibility of there being serious power and other utility outages;
* Pandemics: The idea of a pandemic may be a little stale to those living in a modern city, but simply look at the world’s current pandemic status in terms of Swine Flu. With the influx of people from around the world in 2010, a pandemic cannot be discounted.
The Continuity2010 portal is the only fully comprehensive data bank of information, reports and studies that will empower businesses in planning proactively to minimise risk before, during and after the 2010 World Cup. The portal has established and will continue to forge relationships with key contacts in organisations tasked with delivering 2010 to ensure that all information published is always valid. The site will also advise subscribers on the correct course of action to take in mitigating business risks as they occur.
“ContinuitySA will remain in constant contact with all those directly and indirectly involved in the 2010 World Cup to ensure we are continuously aware of any changes to the status quo and can communicate potential changes in business risks as they arise,” adds Theunissen. “Moreover, we have also assembled a Continuity2010 Board which will consist of 10 executives involved in the event and 20 business leaders who will regularly evaluate business-relevant information as it becomes available to identify new risks and mitigation strategies. Due to the limited places available, the 20 subscriptions to the Board will be on a first come, first served basis.
“The unfortunate reality is we don’t know what will occur during the event, hopefully it will be plain sailing and highly entertaining, but business leaders can’t rest the smooth running of their organisations on hope alone. Continuity2010 is the only comprehensive source on business risks associated with the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup.”