Vodacom Business has established a new unit in Vodacom Tanzania, hoping to spur groth in the market while catering to corporate needs.

Wally Beelders, chief officer of Vodacom Business Africa, says the establishment of this business unit is a result of the need to increase the focus and align the strategic fit of Vodacom Tanzania with the directional growth of the corporate market.
“Vodacom Business is all about changing the way our clients do business, by providing world class managed and converged communication solutions to the African market”, he says.
“At the heart of changing the Tanzanian market are innovation and simplicity. Under the direction of Dylan Lennox, managing executive of Vodacom Business Tanzania, we will offer managed and converged solutions under three main product portfolios; voice, internet and data; providing tools for Tanzania to unleash its business potential by marrying the best the world has to offer with the realities on the ground.”