In just 18 months Vox Telepreneur has grown to 11 000 customers and 4 000 dealers, trading in excess of R3-million a month. To date, R4,4-million has been paid out in commission, while customers have saved over R6-million through discounts and rebates.

The Vox Telepreneur dealers who have contributed to this success were acknowledged recently, with two major awards – Vox Telepreneur Dealer of the Year and Vox Telepreneur of the Year going to Thomas Reid and Gerrard Smith respectively.
Reid has sold moer than 1 900 Vox ADSL Phone units, and is on target to become the first ever Vox millionaire, while Smith is currently earning R100 000.00 monthly.
Smith attributes his success to commitment and the importance of approaching the venture as a serious income opportunity.
The coveted title of Vox Telepreneur Networker of the year went to the dealer team of Gary Webster and James Barclay. The duo has built up more than 5 000 customers and dealers in their network.
Vox Telepreneur Regional Awards for the dealers who excelled in their respective regions were awarded to Marc Harford, Francois Marais and Jan Oosthuizen. The Vox Team award for the dealer who made a lasting personal impact on the Vox Telepreneur staff went to Gerard Kavonic.