A relatively new entrant into the digital lifestyle has the potential to radically boost South Africa’s Internet penetration which has historically been hamstrung by the lack of affordable access devices, according to iBurst CEO Jannie van Zyl.

“Netbooks offer an appealing combination of affordability, portability and style that will see them positively impacting on the country’s Internet penetration levels,” he says.
Recognising the growing popularity of Netbooks optimised for Internet and email access, iBurst has brought to market the Sumsung N140 Netbook bundled with a range of extended warranty, payment and broadband connectivity options. Available through iBurst direct, iBurst retail stores and selected resellers these Netbook bundles are available on 36-month contracts with a choice of either HSDPA or iBurst Wireless broadband.
A one-year fetch and return warranty plus the fact that subscribers receive one hour free technical support each month from iBurst's partner, Dial-a-Nerd, will ensure peace of mind.  .
“South Africans have spent the better part of a decade listening to various stakeholders put forward grand schemes for bridging the digital divide when, as this latest bundled offering illustrates, the market is best suited to solving issues of supply and demand. It is encouraging that we are seeing private sector ISPs doing their bit to bring more South Africans into the Information Age,” says Van Zyl.
Weighing only 1,27kg, the Samsung N140 is one of the lightest netbooks in its class, boasting a 10,1-inch LED screen and up to 11 hours of extended battery life.