World energy consumption has increased by 45% since 1980, and it is forecast to be even higher by 2030, according to global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s power blackouts and load shedding last year and Eskom’s tariff increases have catapulted energy conservation and green energy into the spotlight.
At the same time, educational institutes are only now becoming aware of the importance of producing "green" engineers to take us into the future.
Schneider Electric South Africa has launched an energy efficiency campaign to educate the public about the global crisis and methods that can be used to reduce energy usage and electricity bills. As part of this movement, the company launched the first energy efficiency focused television campaign, "The Power of Business", with local TV business channel, Summit TV (channel 412 on DSTV) earlier this year.
Says Schneider Electric South Africa Country President, Patrick Gaonach: "The Power of Business tackles the concerns that the country has regarding energy use its and conservation by highlighting pertinent topics as well as practical solutions for energy efficiency.
"Since its launch in May this year, we have looked at a number of issues, ranging from the global energy crisis and South Africa’s approach in dealing with this predicament, why the conservation of energy is so critical, the challenges faced by various sectors and the rules and regulations around energy saving.
"Over the duration of the campaign, we will address a number of additional key topics, including alternative energy sources (specifically methane and bio fuels) as well as energy efficient solutions that sectors including hospitality, residential and building and mining can put in place in order to make the most of their energy," he explains.
The Power of Business is broadcast three times a week, on Monday at 18H30 and Tuesday at 20H50 with a repeat in the morning.