Hub télécom, operator and integrator of business solutions, has selected Tibco Software to develop an operated and universal applications platform for collecting and processing RFID identification data.

The "Hub'ID" traceability service relies on an open services platform aimed at providing an end-to-end object monitoring solution extending from the RFID collection infrastructure to customers' business applications. The Hub'ID service is applicable to all companies on the airport platform and to transport, freight and logistics operations throughout mainland France.
The Hub'ID platform, developed on the basis of the Tibco software, receives and formats the data collected by the various RFID sensors in realtime and to the various standards required by the market.
As operator service, the platform has the capacity to process high volumes of RFID data coming from numerous sites and numerous collection sources.
The Tibco platform (including Tibco ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks) processes the raw data by assigning it a business definition, or even enhancing it to ensure real time traceability of objects; the platform then transmits the data directly to the customers' information systems. The platform is able to integrate heterogeneous technologies from Hub télécom’s partners. Redundant or useless data is systematically divided or filtered.
The visibility of the volumes of data processed allows Hub télécom to see what has actually been utilized and to invoice its services as accurately as possible.
The first business application implemented on the Hub'ID platform meets the RFID luggage traceability requirements of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. It allows the networking and the mutualization of gates and RFID tunnels which are displayed on the sorting luggage zones and the tarmac.
Hub Telecom offers this service to feed the computer luggage systems of airline companies, stopover support organizations and airports. However, in addition to airport applications, the service has been designed to ensure monitoring of all types of logistical flows anywhere in France.
Hub télécom's system is a turnkey service: it includes RFID readers, either fixed or mobile (PDA), network services, and business data processing services.
"The TIBCO solution has been chosen for its modularity, its robustness and its ability to manage high volumes of RFID data. It allows us to assume our unique position as RFID operator in the market without any fuss," comments Nicolas Lehovetzki, Hub télécom's director of marketing, innovation, engineering & IT.
Adds Fabio Pulidori, senior vice-president of EMEA at Tibco, adds: “Our collaboration with Hub télécom puts TIBCO’s solutions at the operational heart of one of the world’s five busiest airports. Tibco will play a critical role in monitoring a wide range of logistical flows in real time, reinforcing our reputation for providing solutions that are relied on to deliver flexibility and control in business scenarios characterized by complex events and high volumes of operational data.”