Global GRC solutions provider Cura Software has announced the immediate availability of Cura Quants, its updated quantitative modeling solution designed to integrate with its existing Enterprise GRC Platform.

Cura Quants enables customers to quickly and easily quantify the impact of capital and project related risks as well as the effects of accompanying treatment strategies.
Avi Eyal, CEO at Cura Software Solutions, says this is a vital step for companies striving towards developing a risk-aware culture, since it allows them to put tangible measures such as value at risk, to risks and projects and determine with various confidence levels and treatment strategies what exposures in time and value they face.
“Prior to the Cura Quants, customers wanting to do sophisticated quantitative and scenario analysis would have needed access to specialist skills and expensive disparate toolsets and applications,” Eyal says.
“Cura Quants removes these obstacles by giving users access to the familiar Cura Enterprise GRC interface and an intuitive wizard-driven environment that substantially speeds up the modeling process – even for relatively unskilled users."
Cura Quants is not just a tool to make interaction for employees easier though. Eyal says that the raw functionality present in the new module trumps what is available elsewhere in the market and substantially adds to the overall weight of the Cura product set.  
“Cura Quants is shipped with a number of quantitative reports that can be easily understood thus making it easier to interpret the business relevance of quantitative outputs.” says Eyal.
“We’re confident that by continuing to focus on new solutions such as these we can maintain the lead we have achieved in the market and possibly even widen the gap that exists between us and our competitors,."