Friday (20 November) is the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, one organisation is prepared to support children by helping them to easily understand and access their natural privileges. (or .com) is a multi-platform, interactive, digital space for children, championed by an animated Dodo (CyberDodo (R)), inspires, daily, young people and their adult guardians to protect the rights of children.
The multilingual, "edutainment" website, currently available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish, offers multimedia content, including 10 hours of cartoons, games and files, and is complemented by a seven-book series, or "Edupack," available to schools and those without Internet access.
CyberDodo, the animated character and universal ambassador promoting the message of the "Defense of Life", is free of any affiliation related to race, gender, religion, politics or social level. It is this unbiased approach to the mission of human rights that allows children of all nationalities and identities to access the information needed to achieve their unalienable rights. The social networking website, connected to 2 billion people, provides an easy and fun way to introduce children to their basic rights and get them involved in promoting the issues.
CyberDodo has a long standing partnership with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. This alliance has allowed CyberDodo to become a major non-commercial source of information for children, parents, educators and all other entities involved in encouraging the rights of children.
Promoting child-specific needs and rights in a way that children can easily understand by using the latest in new media technology and traditional print publications, CyberDodo is a global education tool helping to connect and inform all communities about the pressing situation endangering the world's children and the environmental state of the planet.