The joint-CEOs of the Integr8 Group have been identified as being among the most successful in South Africa and have been singled out for their entrepreneurial skills by Ernst & Young.

Robert Sussman and Lance Fanaroff, joint founders and CEOs at South Africa’s largest privately owned national BEE ICT network integration and infrastructure management specialist, confirmed the level of recognition received at the Ernst & Young World Entrepreneur Awards Programme gala dinner, held recently in partnership with First National Bank.
At the event, organised as a global initiative to recognise entrepreneurial spirit and application, Sussman and Fanaroff were acknowledged for their acumen and drive in helping to establish the Integr8 Group as a formidable operation within commercial ICT infrastructure development and trade in South Africa.
“We are very pleased to have received this level of recognition on an international platform, organised by highly reputable industry leaders from a wide spectrum of commercial sectors and areas of trade in South Africa,” says Sussman.
He adds that, while the recognition alone hold immense value, the timing of this award and attention on the company is also relevant.
“Innovation creates opportunities. Globally, many countries are reportedly beginning to emerge from the recession, especially those within Europe and the US. While economic pressure is still there and remains a critical consideration, this is certainly the time to elevate profiles and bring service levels, portfolio, expertise and credentials to the attention of decision makers. Investment in information and communication technology continues to escalate as managers seek ways to enhance operations and stabilise bottom lines."
Management at the Integr8 Group continues to follow its compounded growth strategy and a carefully constructed business plan that is underpinned by a strong financial business model that allows for flexibility and quick, powerful adaptation to change.
Fanaroff believes this basic premise and plan of action has helped to reinforce key areas of operation within the group and helped ensure it remains on course to grow and entrench service levels to a developing marketplace.
“From a technical point of view, our model benefits immensely from emerging global trends. From a system and business process standpoint, we believe that every existing and new development within resource application is covered and we believe the benefit of our expertise and entrepreneurial spirit continues to be transferred to our growing client base,” Fanaroff says.