Kaspersky Lab has officially opened its regional office in Johannesburg, South Africa, providing operational management, brand promotion and sales support of Kaspersky Lab partners and customers in the sub-Saharan region.

“The opening of our first South African office will be a pivotal milestone for the Kaspersky Lab brand and help fuel further awareness of our internationally acknowledged products and services across the region,” says Garry Kondakov, managing director for Kaspersky Lab EEMEA region.
“We’ve been listening to our customers and partners and the next logical step is opening a direct presence in South Africa. This will enable Kaspersky to get that much closer to each of our African customers and business partners to provide the level of support that we have made the hallmark of our company.
"With the advent of more sophisticated viruses, dynamic worms, rampant spyware and sophisticated new cyber threats affecting IT systems daily, Kaspersky Lab is well positioned to capture and service part of the growing anti-virus and security market in South Africa. "Although the anti-virus market is competitive, Kaspersky Lab's solid solution and rapid threat response will drive growth as it expands into Africa,” Kondakov says.
Up to 10 people will be employed in Kaspersky Lab’s regional office in South Africa by the end of 2010 including sales, marketing and technical specialists.
“Further development and cementing of our partnerships across the region is the key to unlocking the tremendous potential for our products in Africa. I am certain that we are positioned to do great things for both our business partners and our African customers in the years ahead,” Kondakov adds.