Boxing South Africa officials last week alleged that the organisation’s former CEO “wiped valuable information from their computers".

This is by no means a new phenomenon nor an isolated incident. Every day companies are at risk of serious data breaches from various sources, including staff members that are retrenched, fired or somehow disgruntled with the organisation.
In fact, the latest research conducted by IT security firm, Cyber-Ark Software Inc, indicates that:
* 58% of Wall Street workers say they have already taken data from their company; and
* 71% said they will take data if faced with the prospect of retrenchment.
The same can be said for South Africa where companies have been, and still are, forced to retrench staff to better cope with a challenging economic climate.
How do organisations keep themselves, and their data, safe from rogue employees, sometimes even from the senior ranks such as the CEO?
Here are the five golden rules Cibecs believes every business should follow:
* You must have local disk encryption: Products like Safeboot, PGP and open source options like TrueCrypt encrypts the data on an individual’s notebook or desktop, in addition to the data being backed up and encrypted by an effective data backup and recovery software solution. IT can preempt an employee removing information by changing the password settings to decrypt the data.
* Protect the right data: Choose backup and recovery software that allows you to decide what kind of data, from which users, should be backed up and protected. You do not need music, movies and photos taking up your storage space.
* Make sure your backed-up data is also encrypted: The backup and recovery solution you use should automatically encrypt your data. This is an especially important feature when it comes to compliance and data breach notifications. Anyone with IT access can always access data stored on the server.
* Split management and data access: A centrally managed system, accessible by only certain individuals, is the way to go and this will safeguard the company against possible action from even the most senior executives.
* Asset tracking and remote data destruction is not enough. This has more to do with your hardware being taken, but employees have been known to disappear with company notebooks.
Any businesses runs the risk of data loss through various means. More often than not the risk comes from within. Protect your data from anything – and anyone, by installing an effective data backup and recovery solution for the desktops and notebooks in your company.