Frost & Sullivan awarded 22 local and international companies at last night's annual African Excellence Awards Banquet, showcasing leading ideas and innovation across a variety of sectors.

The awards were made to companies demonstrating leadership in markets including Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Nigeria and South Africa. The sectors covered were energy, healthcare, industrial automation, security, food technology, facilities management, water and wastewater treatment and ICT.
"The companies that received awards have shown innovation, competitiveness and leadership in meeting the particular demands of doing business in Africa," says Frost & Sullivan partner and director of African Operations Phil Howarth. "The products and services that we recognised should be applauded as examples of how to manage business in the current economic climate."
The following organisations were honoured for demonstrating best practices in their respective disciplines:
* SEW EURODRIVE: 2008 Frost & Sullivan South African Gearboxes & Geared Motors Market Leadership Award
* Bytes Systems Integration: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Manufacturing Execution Systems Competitive Strategy Award
* Matrikon Moore: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Total Industrial Automation & Control Solutions System Integrator Company of the Year Award
* Hansen Transmissions: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Helical Gearboxes Market Leadership Award
* Siemens Enterprise Communications: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Contact Centre Technology Product Line Strategy Award
* IDtek Solutions: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Security Systems & Services Product Line Strategy Award
* Symrise: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Food Additives Technology Leadership Award
* Barloword Equipment Energy: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Mining Industry Customer Value Enhancement Award
* Contact Solutions: 2009 Frost & Sullivan Nigerian Contact Centre Vertical Market Penetration Leadership Award
* Songas: 2008 Frost & Sullivan Tanzania Electricity Technology Leadership Award
* Interactive Intelligence: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Contact Centre Technology Leadership Award
* TFMC: 2008 Frost & Sullivan South African Facilities Management Market Leadership Award
* Sentonics Technology Distribution: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Security Systems & Services Customer Value Enhancement Award
* VWS Envig: 2008 Frost & Sullivan South African Water and Wastewater Services Market Leadership Award
* JNC International: 2009 Frost & Sullivan West African Medical Device Customer Service Leadership Award
* LaGray Chemical Company: 2009 Frost & Sullivan Ghanaian Pharmaceutical Industry Innovation & Advancement Award
* Cipla Medpro: 2009 Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year in the Generic Pharmaceuticals Market
* Mokasi Medical Systems: 2009 Frost & Sullivan Tanzanian Medical Imaging Customer Service Leadership Award
* Surgipharm Kenya: 2009 Frost & Sullivan Kenyan Advanced Wound Care Customer Service Leadership Award
* Medika SA: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Advanced Wound Care Technology Leadership Award
* FireID: 2009 Frost & Sullivan African Mobile Two Factor Authentication Solutions New Product Innovation Award
* Jireh Technologies: 2009 Frost & Sullivan South African Broadband Emerging Company Award
"Our long-established awards programme honours companies that have demonstrated a unique approach to doing business in their markets," says Howarth. "Frost & Sullivan celebrates these ideas and strategies that drive corporate growth."
Sampath Achyuthanandan, research analyst: Technical Insights at Frost & Sullivan, commens on FireID's award: "FireID has comprehensively satisfied the need for a robust two-factor authentication mechanism with its novel, lightweight mobile authentication application.
"There are two key aspects that make FireID an innovative offering. First, FireID’s solution transforms the mobile phone, which users carry with them perpetually, into a self-contained security token that can generate secure OTPs on-demand. As a result, users need not worry about carrying a hardware token or remembering multiple passwords for authentication in online transactions.
“The second innovative aspect is the FireID universal personal authenticator’s ability to generate OTPs even when there is no cellular network connectivity. The OTPs are generated offline by the mobile application for authentication into any FireID protected online resource, virtual private network (VPN), or extranet,” adds Achyuthanandan.
FireID is gaining rapid traction in South Africa and globally, with several customers having gone live locally, and channels being set up worldwide.