Mimecast has partnered with local data security solutions provider J2 Software to expand its reseller base in South Africa.

J2 Software MD John Mc Loughlin says considering that J2 Software is focused on information security and data leak prevention, Mimecast is a perfect addition to its list of products and services. “We are really happy that we have found such a powerful product which also falls into our goal of adding genuine business value to our clients. The solution really does lower cost, complexity and management overhead.”
Mimecast is a rapidly expanding Software as a Service (SaaS) company, it provides an online technology platform that radically improves the way companies manage their most important business communication and data.
According to Mimecast South Africa’s business development and alliances director, Grant Hodgkinson, Mimecast takes care of millions of emails and documents for thousands of companies around the world every day. “As Mimecast is delivered using the cloud computing or Software-as-a-Service model, clients gains immediate control over their email management systems and their budgets. There expense is purely the monthly per seat fee with no need for additional spend on hardware, software or training.”
Mimecast’s Unified Email Management service provides a solution for administering all aspects of ediscovery & email archiving services. Mimecast also provides email anti-spam and email filtering services, email compliance solutions, and email governance.
Hodgkinson says by connecting existing in-house email servers to Mimecast, organisations can benefit from the carrier-grade infrastructure, and services including data leak prevention solutions, email archiving, and email continuity. “Because we offer a new way of doing things that is cheaper, faster, more secure and simply put – more intelligent, Mimecast has grown to be a very popular business service with clients ranging from smaller business with under ten seats to 18 000 seat implementations from the public to private sector.”
“The offering has achieved almost instant success with our latest clients added onto the Mimecast service being McEwan Advertising and Grotto Manufacturing. The list is growing fast and we have also added traction to our client list as a result of our expansion to Cape Town and Durban,” concludes Mc Loughlin.