Fairheads Benefit Services, an independent death and disability benefit service provider for retirement funds, has implemented an SMS solution to enhance its business communications. The company administers trust funds on behalf of thousands of minor children around the country, advising them and their guardians on how to use these funds for their education and maintenance.

“SMS has become the medium of choice in our business,” says John Brown, network manager of Fairheads. “SMS messaging provides us with an economic, instant, reliable method of notification. This is critical to our beneficiaries as it informs them of income received and capital payments made into their account.
“In addition to the rapid delivery and response rate generated from SMS, we have been able to build a valuable database containing current information about our clients. Database integrity is fundamental to our success and, SMS as a communications tool has assisted us greatly in building a rich database.
"SMS is a reliable communication tool guaranteeing almost a 100% delivery to the receiver. SMS has a trackable ROI (Return on Investment) and provides Fairheads with an audit trail verifying whether or not an SMS has been delivered to a mobile device. “In addition, by using SMS, we have saved on stationery, printing, postage and telephone costs,” says Brown.
“Local company Strike Media was selected as the supplier of choice for delivery due to their flexible solution, tailored and suited to our specific needs” says Brown. “Delivering an SMS service to clients can be extremely complex and an individual company trying to run its own SMS program is faced with the problem of co-ordinating with mobile phone operators across various networks. Strike Media removed the business pain and working with them has proven highly beneficial and saved Fairheads enormous costs in the 5 years we have worked together.”
“The value of SMS as a business communications tool will continue to grow,” says Russel Stromin of Strike Media. “SMS has transformed the way in which business reaches its clients and further enhances a company’s service offering.”