MWeb Business has broadened its connectivity options for businesses to include a wireless high-speed point to point link that will enable customers to connect offices or branches without needing a traditional copper-based telco line.

The new MWeb Business Wireless Link Rental solution is an ideal alternative for companies wanting quick installation, or who are in a remote location not served by traditional telco lines. Line speeds are offered in increments of 64kbps up to 2048kbps and prices are about 60% cheaper than traditional diginet lines.
Herman Jansen van Rensburg, head of product management & development at MWeb Business, says companies could often not wait the 180-day (six month) turnaround time for a  for a traditional leased line, and that the Wireless Link Rental offering could be implemented in just two weeks from site inspection to installation.
The technology also acts an ideal fail-over offering and because it requires no copper for installation, it means customers are not affected by copper theft.
“This service has the largest wireless coverage available in South Africa, including extensive coverage in Gauteng and the Western Cape as well as in the Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas) and in Potchefstroom in the North West Province," he says.
“The MWeb Business Wireless Link Rental solution will include a free site inspection at the customer premises to determine if they are in the coverage area. MWeb will also provide the necessary hardware, cable and brackets, and a one year equipment warranty. The network is built on a fully redundant wireless backbone that can transmit data over long distances via secure radio signals. Customers will be connected to the MWeb Data Centre, from where their traffic is routed accordingly. MWeb Business can also provide Internet connectivity over the line for an additional fee,” says van Rensburg.