With the Mobiu Smart Key, users can ensure their data stays says – and, although it's as simple to use as a USB flash drive, the Mobiu Smart Key uses the same advanced security as banks do to protect data.

It may look like it's just a USB memory stick, but Mobiu stores data online, using the Smart Key only for temporary storage while users are actually working on their documents.
In addition, it carries its own easy-to-use desktop and a range of common office applications, so users can work securely on almost any PC without leaving any trace.
Key Revolution developed the Mobiu Smart Key to address the growing trend towards remote and flexible working – and the increasing concern among IT managers about the security of company data outside of the enterprise network.
The Mobiu Smart Key and its associated services deliver a solution that allows remote workers to use any online PC without leaving a footprint, and ensures that critical data is not compromised.
The solution lies in the combination of a powerful smartcard, two-factor authentication and applications running on a footprintless flash drive.
The Smart Key allows user to access files that are uploaded and stored in online shared or private workspaces in an ISO27001 data centre, and then downloaded temporarily to the key as required.
Once work has been completed, files are simply returned to the original online workspace and “stamped” with a version control feature.
In this way, data is available via any online PC, and collaboration with other Mobiu trusted users is simple because companies can set up shared online workspaces.
The Smart Key also supports access to business networks running Windows Small Business Server, making remote access inexpensive, easy and secure.
The end result is that IT managers need have no concerns over providing remote access or collaborative working. And the company gets an empowered, flexible workforce that’s more productive.