With a number of revamped iBurst Wireless packages going live today (1 December), the company has decided to extend the offerings to existing customers as well as new subscribers.

iBurst Group CEO Jannie van Zyl says current subscribers will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the new packages – which means receiving up to double their bandwidth allocation each month for the same or slightly lower monthly subscription fee than they are currently paying.
 “It makes good business sense to reward the loyalty of one’s current customers," he says. "With this in mind, iBurst is committed to ensuring that our existing subscribers benefit equally from the launch of our new iBurst Wireless packages."
As a result, the the majority of the existing iBurst Wireless customer base will be moved over to the new packages in the first phase of the migration project.
“The new iBurst Wireless packages have been specifically developed in line with feedback received from our subscribers over the years – they were looking for more ‘bang for their buck’ and this is exactly what we have been able to provide” says Van Zyl.
Customers currently on the following packages will begin receiving email communication today informing them that they will be migrated to equivalent packages: KickStart, Playa, Giga, Turbo, Pro, Xtreme and Addict.
A small portion of the customer base is still subscribed to previous iBurst Wireless packages that have not been available for some time. These customers will be migrated to the new iBurst Wireless packages during Phase 2 of the migration project which starts in mid-December.