SAS is expanding efforts to directly integrate its business analytics framework and solutions into leading relational and non-relational database management systems, as well as data warehouse appliances.

"In-database processing is crucial to improving organisations' responsiveness in today's complex environments," said Dan Vesset, Program Vice President for Business Analytics Research at IDC. "SAS is stating its commitment to making in-database analytics more pervasive, enabling any customer – regardless of their database engine – to leverage SAS Business Analytics to improve the speed and accuracy of decision making throughout the organisation."
SAS In-Database processing is a flexible, cost-effective way to manage increasing amounts of data by embedding SAS technology into databases. The result: improved accuracy, reduced data movement and streamlined analytic processes. For decision makers, this means faster access to analytical results and more agile and accurate decisions that comply with governance requirements.
“Capitalising on the power of predictive analytics at the point of transaction and data transformation is a sweet spot for customers seeking faster, more accurate business decisions,” says Keith Collins, senior vice-president and chief technology officer at SAS. “Tapping the database for operational analytics significantly reduces bottlenecks resulting from moving data over a network. Customers gain quicker access to the predictive results they need to compete effectively.”
SAS plans to integrate its business analytics into multiple platforms, including:
* Teradata: “Together we offer a powerful value proposition: integrate SAS analytics and solutions with the leading real-time data warehouse and companies get the visibility they need, at the velocity they demand, to ensure the intelligence business requires. At a time when we are seeing an upsurge in the demand for predictive insight, companies that use SAS know they can accelerate their performance by choosing Teradata's parallel processing engine backed by ten years of in-database analytics expertise,” says chief marketing officer Darryl McDonald.
* Netezza: "In-database analytics, in particular the SAS Scoring Accelerator for Netezza, is a significant milestone in our partnership with SAS, enabling our joint customers to compete on advanced analytics through better, deeper insights into their customers and business operations,” says Jim Baum, president and CEO.
* IBM: "IBM and SAS have worked together for more than 30 years to bring offerings to thousands of mutual clients. SAS’ in-database mining capability will leverage the advanced technology in IBM DB2 and IBM InfoSphere Warehouse, providing organisations with predictive and descriptive analytic capabilities for their most valuable asset – the information stored in their databases and data warehouses," says Greg Lotko, vice-president of warehouse solutions.
* HP: “Businesses can perform in-depth analyses that identify important business trends and support real-time decisions with SAS Business Analytics running inside the HP Neoview enterprise data warehouse platform. HP and SAS are working together to improve and optimise our customers’ business performance,” says Kristina Robinson, vice-president and GM: business intelligence solutions.
* Aster Data: "Through our partnership with SAS, joint customers can begin looking at new ways to exploit larger and more robust analytical problem-solving leveraging Aster Data’s MPP database and SQL-MapReduce. SQL-Map provides the analytics power of MapReduce, but with the ease and familiarity of SQL. This combination of SAS and Aster Data’s solution enables deeper analytics processing on large data scales that will allow companies to make faster, more insightful business decisions," says Mayank Bawa, CEO.
* GreenPlum: “Greenplum shares the SAS vision of responding quickly and dramatically to customers’ needs. In-database analytics represents an important step in delivering to our common customers – and the entire market – fast, powerful and agile analytic capabilities,” says Scott Yara, president & co-founder.