ADSL provider and hosting firm Afrihost has extended its R29.00 per Gigabyte special offer until the end of the year – and has committed to new and existing subscribers that they will enjoy the reduced rate for as long as they remain subscribers.

When Afrihost started offering the low-cost ADSL access over fibre in September, there were come concerns around issues of long-term sustainability and possible anti-competitive practices – as well as the belief there must be a "catch" to the offer.
Now that the dust has settled somewhat, Gian Visser, CEO of Afrihost addresses these concerns. “Firstly, we are able to offer subscribers one gigabyte of data at R29.00 for the foreseeable future because our marketing budget is subsidising the special offer.
"Secondly, there is nothing anticompetitive about running a loss-leader.
"Finally, I think we have dealt with the question of catches by reassuring subscribers that they would enjoy the special offer for as long as they remained with Afrihost.”
Afrihost’s R29.00 Bronze ADSL Broadband Monthly Plan offers top-ups also at R29.00 per Gigabyte, five e-mail aliases as well as spam and virus filters.