Stella Vista has seen an 18,5% decline in revenues for the latest financial year, although its profits have remained unchanged.

The company yesterday released its financial results, which also reveal that exports now represent 67% of tis turnover.
Stella Vista is a leader in the design of multimedia mass communications systems, providing displays, control equipment, software for a multitude of applications and short-term rental of its products.
The complete line of multi-purpose products includes scoreboards, video display screens, electronic perimeter boards, flight information display boards and combined text and graphic messaging displays with realtime data capabilities.
The company recently has increased its footprint into the rest of the world which includes the takeover of the business and assets of Megaview UK from 1 July 2009, which was majority owned by Primedia. All the employees in the UK business have been retained, with . Donald Campbell remaining in his position as MD, tasked with further developing the UK and other international business.
In Africa, even though next year's World Cup is bringing a substantial amount of business to the country, Stella Vista has been unsuccessful in winning more contracts to supply replay screens to host cities, losing out to a number of different international competitors.
Stella Vista has had enjoyed a successful year in Australia, with key highlights being the installation of our first outdoor digital billboard at Sydney International Airport, the first in Australia.
The company also supplied two further advertising displays at the Airport inside the International Departure lounge.
In the UK, it has installed the first electronic scoreboard/video replay screen at the Riverside Ground in Chester-le-Street, home of double County champions, Durham County Cricket Club. The display has been received with universal acclaim as one of the best in the country and will serve as excellent reference for Stella Vista's product quality internationally.
This increases the number of cricket stadia using Stella Vista's displays and services to 25 worldwide, in Africa, Middle East, Indian subcontinent, England and the Caribbean.