With the silly season now in full swing, people’s thoughts are turning away from work and toward day dreams of sunny beaches and lush game reserves.

Holiday season also means thousands of digital cameras all over the country are being dusted off in preparation of the millions of photos they will no doubt take.
But what to do with your holiday pics after they’ve been taken? One of the side effects of digital photography combined with the decreasing cost of memory is that even though people are literally taking hundreds of digital photos, very few of them ever actually get printed.
This is partly because of the false perception people have that printing photographs is both costly and more effort than it’s worth.
In actual fact, home photo printing is becoming easier and more cost effective by the day thanks to printers like Epson’s newly released Stylus Photo T50.
The T50 is perfect for users who want to take control of the creative process, enabling photos to be printed at home that look better and last longer than lab prints.
The Epson Stylus Photo T50 uses Epson’s Micro Piezo print head technology which, combined with Epson Claria Photographic Ink, produces Hi-Definition images that last up to 98 years in a frame or over 200 years in an album.
Jumbo photos can be produced in as little as 12 seconds and A4 documents can print at a speed of up to 38 pages per minute. Users also benefit from the ability to print borderless photos up to A4 size and even CDs and DVDs can be given a personal touch by printing directly onto suitable discs.
It is cost-effective too because the Epson Stylus Photo T50 uses individual ink cartridges, so you only need to replace the colour that has run out.  Like all top quality photo printers, the T50 prints using a six ink system including black, cyan, light cyan, magenta, light magenta and yellow cartridges which are easily identified by the ‘Hummingbird’ image  and are also available in a convenient, cost-saving multipack.
Designed with the same modern look and feel as Epson’s groundbreaking TX Series all-in-one printer range, the compact T50 will fit seamlessly into your home. Adding to the benefits of the T50’s modern design, its premium finish includes a fingerprint-resistant top surface – drastically reducing the amount of cleaning required and keeping the printer looking sleek and smart.
Epson’s Easy Photo Print software comes as standard with the Epson Stylus Photo T50, allowing for the easy optimisation of any photo, such as backlight correction and red-eye removal. An Epson Photo Paper Pack is also included, so users can start printing high-quality photos on Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper in 10x15cm, 13x18cm and A4 sizes straight away.
Lyle Mitchley, product manager at Epson South Africa, commented: “Your creativity comes to life with the Epson Stylus Photo T50.  It gives you control over how your photos are printed, and delivers results that are better than lab-quality. Offering Hi-Definition images, value and efficiency – it’s the ideal choice for the aspiring photo enthusiast.”
The T50 retails for R1 370.00.