Confused with all those bits and pieces of technology to connect to the Internet, save pictures, music files and the like? Nology is taking this complexity away with the availability of the Victory 300 USB modem – an all-in-one device which effectively offers users 3G broadband connectivity, and SD flash storage in one device.

As the exclusive supplier of Victory products, Nology now provides users with an affordable and easy to use 3G modem that mitigates contract tie-in and which will be an attractive option especially for organisations' mobile workforces. Users can simply purchase the modem from a retail agent and obtain the necessary data connectivity via their respective cellular or Internet service providers.
"The Victory 300 is undoubtedly an exciting product; we believe it will provide users with an alternative, flexible connectivity option while also offering additional and valuable storage features," comments Riaan Leuschner, MD of Nology.
"Furthermore, with the increased prevalence of mobile users it is encouraging to know the market continues to provide options that make connectivity accessible to most individuals, irrespective of their individual 3G needs."
The Victory 300 is also interoperable with the Billion's 740X router series which enables for additional failback and failover.  This improves the reliability and redundancy of the connectivity solution which in turn ensures users and businesses stay connected when the first option goes offline or fails for whatever reason.
By connecting the Victory 300 to a Billion 740X router, it also allows for a 3G connection to be shared between multiple users.
The Victory 300 also offers the following features:
* Weighs only 40g – therefore provides a light, mobile all-in-one storage and connectivity option;
* Supports WinXP, Win2003, Vista, MACINTOSH OSX (Version 10.4.1 and later) and Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) operating systems;
* Low power consumption which is beneficial when using notebook battery in remote situation; and
* No CD required for installation.
As with most USB devices today, the Victory 300USB is easy to install as it features plug and play functionality.
In addition, it supports HSUPA (High Speed Uplink Packet Access) which increases the upload speeds to 2Mb if the network provider supports it. This means faster sending of emails for example. The Victory 300 USB supports lightening fast download speeds of up to 7.2Mb (HSDPA).