The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has now included dealings with Nvidia in its investigation into Intel.

The initial investigation centres about Intel's competition with AMD, but now a five year old dispute with Nvidia has also been included in the probe.
According to a report in the San Jose Mercury, the FTC is looking into a dispute between Intel and Nvidia over a deal five years ago that allowed Nvidia to make certain products for Intel.
The newspaper reports that the FTC is looking at a legal dispute that broke out between Intel and Nvidia earlier this year, stemming from a 2004 licensing deal Nvidia had to provide Intel with chipsets, which connect the microprocessor to a computer's memory and other devices.
Apparently, Intel claimed the deal didn't apply to the Nehalem microprocessors, which Nvidia disputed. When the companies couldn't come to an agreement, Intel sued Nvidia in February and Nvidia countered with a law suit in March.