Local Internet service provider, Web Africa, has migrated its hosting service to its new network, offering efficiency increases for its customers that can compete on a global level.

As of 15 December, hosting disk space will increase by up to 400%, while traffic increases by up to a massive 700%. Traffic will be coming in at R20.00 per Gb on the lower- to mid-range packages and dropping as low as  R11.00 per Gb on the higher end packages.
This offers up to five times more capacity than the current packages in South Africa. It is expected to change the face of local web hosting by bringing content and bandwidth back to South Africa, as it becomes increasingly more affordable for companies to host their content locally as opposed to in the US.
According to CEO Matthew Tagg, this was possible because of the ISP’s recent development of its own network, which led to Web Africa becoming a Tier 1 provider.  
“These substantial efficiencies are only possible because of our new network. As promised, we have brought about the hosting efficiency increases as one of the first changes and have passed these savings on to our customers,” he says.
In addition, Web Africa’s new network is offering lower ping times and faster throughput than the previous network, making its customers’ sites load faster than before.
Web Africa will also reshape its reseller model to make it more sustainable and affordable for resellers. Current packages will be put on hold, and resellers will be given the opportunity to migrate to the new model. New package logistics are currently being developed, and will be implemented in March 2010.