The IEEE-SA Standards Board recently approved the IEEE Std 802.3at DTE Power via MDI Enhancements, also known as Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+), as an IEEE standard.

While keeping backward compatibility with the existing standard, the new IEEE Std 802.3at DTE Power via MDI Enhancements standard (PoE+) will increase the applications supported by Power over Ethernet, boosting its relevance as a business performance enhancer.
The new standard covers the provision of up to 25.5 watts (rather than the current 12.95) over the Ethernet cable to the attached device, thereby widening the range of applications that can be supported by PoE. According to David Law, a consultant engineer at 3Com, who also serves as the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group Chair, 12.95 watts is insufficient for some applications, such as IP video surveillance.
“PoE is interesting for network devices in difficult spots, such as a wireless access point mounted on the ceiling or a security camera placed outside,” he says.
“Pulling a new power line to those types of places often costs more than the whole network device itself. What’s more, besides the network specialist, you also have to bring in an electrician. PoE solves that issue by supplying power for network devices via the network cable.
“The only problem is that new applications are requesting more and more power as they provide additional functionality. One example is remote-controlled security cameras, which not only record what’s happening on the scene but can also zoom in and turn. The new PoE+ standard makes provision for such energy intensive equipment.”