SMC Networks has announced the launch of its Barricade Wireless Broadband xDSL/Cable Router alongside a new EZ Connect USB Adapter.

Both products are based on 802.11n technology and deliver speeds up to 150Mbps that are three times faster than 802.11g, but are available at a lower cost than the higher end 300Mbps products within the SMC range.
Together the new  Barricade® Router and EZ Connect Adapter work as a cost effective solution for sharing high speed xDSL/Cable Internet connections across desktop PCs, laptops and notebooks. Both solutions also come in a stylish new white colour design, are WiFi Certified for IEEE802.11b/g and are compliant with Microsoft Windows 7.
These solutions are now available to the local market via SMC Networks South Africa.
“We are very excited to launch these very dynamic, cost effective products into the South African market space. Their speed, capability, functionality and versatility make them ideal for the home or small office environment,” says Paul Luff, country manager of SMC Networks South Africa. “As small business development takes root and new opportunities emerge within the domestic network environment, the introduction of powerful solutions that meet immediate communication and data transfer requirements takes precedence. This trend is likely to continue as small-to-medium sized operations sprout and investment in technology services and the need for support increases.”
The Barricade N Wireless Broadband Router is ideally positioned for home or small office users.
It combines 150Mbps wireless capability with a 4-port 10/100 LAN switch for connecting desktop PCs, laptops and notebooks by cable. Rigorous security is provided by the latest WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption standards as well as Wi-Fi Protected Setup, while extra peace of mind comes with the ability to disable the transmission of the SSID network name and conceal it from potential intruders.
For those who want to manage how the internet is used across their home or business networks, the Access Control feature also makes it easy to block websites and limit usage based on time or date.
The EZ Connect N Wireless USB2.0 Adapter (SMCWUSBS-N3) is capable of 150Mbps data speeds, is backwards compatible with existing 802.11b/g technology and includes drivers for Mac OS X and Linux.
It also features the latest WPA and WPA2 wireless encryption standards and even includes WiFi Multimedia to prioritise data traffic and provide enhanced Quality of Service for multimedia applications. Providing even greater value for money for customers, the SMCWUSBS-N3 also incorporates Soft AP mode functionality, meaning that it can act as a wireless access point in its own right when connected to a PC running Microsoft Windows.
Frank Emmerlich, Product Marketing Manager for SMC Networks in Europe & Africa, comments: “These new 150Mbps products will be attractive to customers who want to upgrade from 802.11g but don’t necessarily use the kind of bandwidth intensive applications that are better served by 300Mbps products. Fast, secure and exceptional value for money – they also come in an elegant new design. Both products are the perfect choice for home and small office environments.”