The overall winner of Nokia's Calling All Innovators contest walked away with more than R600 000 in prizes at a gala event in Melrose last night.

20FourLabs, developers of winning application Afridoctor, came out top in the competition which called for developers to generate applications and solutions relevant to South African and African consumers.
All category winners were recognised at the Calling All Innovators Awards reception and the total cash and prize value of over R1million was awarded to the top 10 application developers. In addition, winning application, Afridoctor, is already available on Nokia’s Ovi Store and the response has been very positive so far.  
Over 125 submissions were received during the competition period, mainly from Africa, signalling a strong response to Nokia's challenge to think big and create mobile applications and services to enhance mobile device usage.
Although the competition called for applications relevant to the South African environment a large number of entries were received from developers in other countries including Pakistan, Germany, US, India and Bahrain. The second highest number of entries overall, after those received from South African developers, came for Kenya, showing that Africa is definitely on the map and has a role to play in the future of technology.  
"We received a number of top quality entries and the winners have invested a significant amount of time and thought into their applications,” says Helen Jarvis, services marketing manager at Nokia South Africa. "We look forward to working with the South African and African developer community going forward to continue providing the best mobile applications to consumers on the continent and worldwide."
Over and above the prize money, the owners of the top 10 submissions each received the Judge’s Choice Award, which provides a one-year membership to Forum Nokia Launchpad, valued at 300 Euros. Each of the winners will receive access to exclusive resources and support designed to accelerate mobile application development and elevate developer’s business visibility in the mobile world.
“The developers are the future of technology advancement and Nokia understands this,” says Jarvis. “It is for this reason that we recently hosted the Nokia Developer Days where over 62 companies were represented by 100 delegates, from eight African countries, US, United Arab Emirates and Finland to talk about the future of mobile technology.”
As part of its drive to encourage developers to continue to build more applications, Nokia is focused on collaborating with operators to ensure that consumers have access to the best applications across multiple platforms. Sharoda Rapeti, MTN general manager for products and services says that the Calling All Innovators competition has highlighted the importance of developing local applications for both manufacturers and for operators. “MTN is committed to working with Nokia to make it easier for developers to drive and build applications,” she says. “Great applications need to be developed not only for manufacturers but for the operators too.”
The 2009 Calling All Innovators winners are:
First place and winner of $85 000: Afridoctor by 20fourlabs
Second place and winner of $10 000: That Roach Game – South Africa by Breakdesign
Third place and winner for $10 000: Sasol e.Birds by Coolideas
Fourth place and winner of $10 000: MrSNAKE by Simon Botes
Fifth place and winner of $10 000: Thumbtribe widget by Thumtribe
Top 10 winners and recipients of the Judge’s Choice Award:
(12 months membership to Forum Nokia Launchpad):
1st – Afridoctor by 20fourlabs
2nd – That Roach Game by Breakdesign
3rd – Sasol e.Birds by Coolideas
4th – MrSNAKE by Simon Botes
5th – Thumbtribe widget by Thumbtribe
6th – LiveMobile by LiveMobile
7th – Countdown 2010 by Christian Reeve
8th – Surfing Safari by Aqua Online
9th – Turn Left at the Barrel by Turn Left at the Giraffe
10th – Mall-Buddy by Paul Hinrichsen