Edcon group, in conjunction with ThL Mobile, has launched an analogue TV mobile phone in South Africa. It also also comes standard with dual active SIM cards.

Edcon has made the ThL mi-TV mobile TV phone available at Edgars, Jet and CNA.
Corne Uys, a director of ThL Mobile, says: “This is good news for people that travel over our borders often as it allows them to keep their two SIM Cards in one phone, without swapping phones or SIM cards.”
The TV function on the phone is analogue and, depending on signal strength, SABC TV 1, 2, 3 and e-TV can be watched free on the handset anywhere in South Africa.
Favourite TV programmes can also be recorded on the handset.
In agreement with the SABC, a TV licence must be presented or purchased when purchasing the phone.
The dual active SIM cards are also simple to use. Two different ring tones differentiate between the two SIM cards -and answering a call on a specific SIM card is as simple as pressing the answer button for the specific call.
“Mobile analogue TV is growing fast,” says Uys. “There will be at least 300-million mobile TV users by 2013, representing a six-fold growth over the current 59-million user base.
“Analogue mobile TV has two very fundamental and compelling advantages: cost and availability," he adds. "The infrastructure is already in place, there are no new standards that need to be enacted and the service is free to consumers – a very powerful combination."
More than half of free-to-air analogue mobile TV consumers surveyed reported watching mobile TV at least three times a week, with 20% of respondents in all regions watching daily. In some regions 40% or more watched daily. Approximately two-thirds of respondents reported viewing mobile TV for 30 minutes or more on the days that they watched TV, dispelling the notion that it will ultimately be a vehicle for "TV snacking" when away from home.
While news and sports are popular among mobile TV viewers, most favoured a mix of programme  types. Popular user cases for watching mobile TV included while in transit, while at home and during breaks at work.